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Welcome to AL4A! Regular visitors will notice that The Legendary Grand Lady of Porn needed a bit of a nip and a tuck after being around since 1997. So we gladly present to you the new and improved version 2.0 and as a small sneak peek to our also new (still in Beta) AL4A Tube! Hope y'all like it as much as we do ;) Click Here if you must.
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AL4A Gallery Categories - Object Insertion pics

Object Insertion movies here

04-21 Fucking herself with a banana-Objects (Thanks Bev)
04-21 Fucking herself with her shoe-Objects (Thanks Freak)
04-15 Busty blonde zora banks rams her sweet shaved pussy with an inverted glass tube-Objects (Thanks alsscan7340)
04-15 Cutie in lingerie having fun with a banana-Objects (Thanks Violana)
04-12 Skinny blonde girl enjoys a banana-Objects (Thanks robert)
04-10 Blondie fucks herself with a cucumber-Objects (Thanks Zilla)
04-07 Victoria plays with a cucumber-Objects (Thanks Viola)
04-06 Stuffing her pussy with a necklace-Objects (Thanks Zilla)
03-31 Chick stuffs her pussy with cucumbers-Objects (Thanks Wick)
03-29 Fucking a cucumber in the garden-Objects (Thanks Wink)
03-27 Hottie plays with a toy and a banana-Objects (Thanks Violana)
03-21 Blonde fucks herself with a cucumber-Objects (Thanks Violana)
03-12 Toying her snatch upclose-Objects (Thanks Hugh)
03-10 Babe gets her pussy stuffed with brushes-Objects (Thanks Jeff)
03-05 Babe shoves a cucumber up her pussy-Objects (Thanks Vero)
03-01 Toying her pussy with a banana-Objects (Thanks Tilia)
02-25 Hot busty babe august ames plays with candles-Objects (Thanks alsscan7340)
02-23 Babe plays with a banana and a toy-Objects (Thanks Vero)
02-23 Fucking herself with her heels-Objects (Thanks Ariel)
02-20 Stuffing her sweet pussy-Objects (Thanks Wes)
02-19 Playing with a banana in the garden-Objects (Thanks Otto)
02-17 Hot blonde babe shoves a glass bottle in her juicy pussy-Objects (Thanks alsscan7340)
02-13 Fucking a bottle in the kitchen-Objects (Thanks Oliver)
02-12 Fucking herself with a corncob-Objects (Thanks Hugh)
02-08 Horny teen rides on the bedknob-Objects (Thanks Ariel)
02-07 Toying her snatch with a hairbrush-Objects (Thanks Wicky)
02-03 Hottie fucks herself with cucumbers-Objects (Thanks Wanda)
02-03 Toying her pussy with a banana-Objects (Thanks Ariel)
02-02 Hottie doing zucchinis outdoor-Objects (Thanks Wes)
01-29 Fucking her pussy with a bottle-Objects (Thanks Chill)
01-28 Hot babe spreads and plays with a banana-Objects (Thanks Teal)
01-25 Toying her pussy with a bottle-Objects (Thanks Hugh)
01-19 Busty blonde girl toying her pussy with a banana-Objects (Thanks Isaac)
01-12 Toying in the bathroom with a brush-Objects (Thanks Leif)
01-11 Busty danielle toys her pussy with a corncob-Objects (Thanks Ariel)
01-11 Sexy hottie fucks a bottle-Objects (Thanks Ginny)
01-09 Chick stuffs a zucchini in her snatch-Objects (Thanks Nellie)
01-07 Shoving a veggie up her pussy-Objects (Thanks Hugh)
12-21 Danielle stuffs a banana in her pussy-Objects (Thanks Ginny)
12-17 Toying her pussy with veggies-Objects (Thanks Erica)
11-22 Lovely babe puts a necklace in a pussy-Objects (Thanks Olinka)
11-22 Busty danielle shoves carrots up her pussy-Objects (Thanks Pina)
11-18 Brunette nubile pleasures her pussy with a cucumber-Objects (Thanks David27)
11-14 Chick toying her pussy with a cucumber-Objects (Thanks Bill)
11-09 Nasty babe gets fucked with a bottle-Objects (Thanks AndySt)
10-24 Brunette shoves a hairbrush in her pussy-Objects (Thanks Fanny)
10-24 Breasty danielle shoves a speculum up her pussy-Objects (Thanks Isaac)
10-23 Horny girls pleasure their cunts with a zucchini-Objects (Thanks Steve23)
10-21 Lia shoves a pen in her pussy-Objects (Thanks Lindsey)
10-15 Nasty ponytailed blonde shoves a bottle up her pussy-Objects (Thanks AndySt)
10-13 Sexy blonde using cucumbers-Objects (Thanks Isaac)
10-07 Teen babe fucking a cucumber-Objects (Thanks Hilly)
09-26 Toying her pussy with hairbrushes-Objects (Thanks Paul)
09-23 Beauty plays with a cucumber-Objects (Thanks Gene)
09-21 Blondie shoves a bottle in her pussy-Objects (Thanks Faye)
09-20 Toying her pussy with a zucchini-Objects (Thanks Paul)
09-14 Brianna toying her snatch with a bottle-Objects (Thanks Otto)
09-13 Banana and a corncob in her pussy-Objects (Thanks Zoe)
09-11 Cutie shoves cucumbers in pussy-Objects (Thanks Zelda)
09-05 Blonde alexis plays with a banana-Objects (Thanks Mikey)
08-25 Hottie using a cucumber-Objects (Thanks Zelda)
08-22 Babe having fun with bananas-Objects (Thanks Kate)
08-20 Hot romi spreads and toys-Objects (Thanks Gino)
08-15 Romi toys her wet pussy with a brush-Objects (Thanks Erin)
08-15 Blonde teen fucks a cucumber-Objects (Thanks Kim)
08-12 Stuffing her pussy with a banana on the kitchen sink-Objects (Thanks Wendy)
08-10 Babe toying her pussy with a brush-Objects (Thanks Cat)
08-10 Stuffing her pussy with panties and a hose-Objects (Thanks Helen)
08-01 Toying her snatch with a high heel-Objects (Thanks Jock)
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07-23 Chick having fun with a banana-Objects (Thanks Phil)
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07-11 Fucking a bottle in the kitchen-Objects (Thanks Cindy)
07-08 Babe stuffs her pussy with a bottle-Objects (Thanks Harry)
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07-03 Two girls playing with veggies-Objects (Thanks vickywalsh)
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06-27 Babe fucks a zucchini outdoors-Objects (Thanks Zoe)
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05-28 Teen stuffs her pussy with cucumbers-Objects (Thanks Leo)
05-20 High heel in pussy-Objects (Thanks Gina)
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04-09 Babe fucks herself with a cucumber-Objects (Thanks Ivo)
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10-31 Hot brunette babe toys her wet shaved pussy-Objects (Thanks alsscan7340)
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10-19 Skinny blonde stuffs her pussy-Objects (Thanks Terry87)
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