From time to time(thank God it is not Daily), We receive E-mail in regards to people who would like us to send them pics or links to pics of young Children. Here are just three examples.

hi, i just like to ask do you happens to have some free sex picture of kids becouse some of my friends are very intrested in those pictures and it is imposible to get those pictures in our country. thank you for reading my mail and hope to receive your reply soon.

I loved your old page and can't wait until you are up and running agian. I am in search of URL's that contain young girls between the ages of 15-18. I know you probably don't want to provide me with this information, but I don't know anyone else to ask. Please king of all web pages, I know somewhere in your files you have these type addresses. Please help a dear old friend. Thanks

Thank you for providing such a great service. I was interested in pedophile pictures. do you know any links. I am not a cop as shown by my email address

(names witheld THIS TIME)

Here is our reply.

Fuck You, Loser!
Suck my Dick you low life scum
Find some one your own age
You should be locked up asshole
Hope the Feds get a hold of you
Eat Shit and Bark at the moon
Hope you get it up the ass in prison

Team AL~4A

ps. Most of us out here are decent law abiding citizens who are productive members of society and who have children of our own.

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