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This application requires Java suport.
This server also available via IRC at:


~~~~Rules of Chat~~~~
Chat Guidelines: No Bots, No Clones, No offensive nicks/usernames, No Flooding, No Begging For Ops, using all CAPS is considered YELLING. No Advertising of other Channels or Websites. No fighting and abusive behavior, No discrimination (race, creed, sexual preference, religious, etc..) No incest or child molestation.  

Swearing is allowed!!! :)

No disrespecting ops .... And most important, please don't be rude or obnoxious to your fellow chatters.

 If you do not follow this rules you may be banned from the channel.

~~~~Some useful chat commands~~~~
Private Chat - Double click on the persons name and a new window will open up where you can chat privately on.

Change Nickname - Type this without the quotes "/nick newnickname"

Color Text - Press ctrl+k and chose a color and th
en type.

Register Nickname -
To register your nickname so that only you the owner can use it, type this without the quotes "/nickserv register passwordhere"

Find out a user - Type this without the quotes "/whois nickname"  

~~~~How to use another program to chat~~~~

If your bored or are familiar with the mirc or the irc chat protocol, than you might consider using the mirc chat program. This program can be downloaded from . Once you have downloaded that and installed it, click on options and than click on connect if you are not already on it. Now click on add (i.e. we going add the server that will allow you to chat to the al4a chat room) and fill in the information below accordingly.

Descriptions = Enter anything you want here
IRC Server =
Port = 7000
Group =
Password = Leave this blank

Now click on connect and let it connect to the server. When that's done type /join #al4a

You can find more help at Rescuer's Help Page


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